PE Exam for Civil Engineer: updated to 2015 exam designs Standards

As an Engineer with PE License, You are top of the professional and you can contribute to improve the society. License is the professional certificate that recognized by all government, public and private organization. A professional engineer can analyze and design the project, prepare plans, sign and seal and submit to authority for approval. The professional engineering certificate can proof of your proficiency and supports your commitment to the society. It also creates highest standards of engineering practice.

This site has been created for PE Civil Exam practice. The several sets of PE exam review practice problems have created in pdf-format with current codes. The morning session contains questions from all five areas of civil engineering. The five areas listed in the civil exam are Construction, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources and Environment. The afternoon session focuses more closely on a single area of practice in civil engineering. All exam questions are consisted the International System of Units (SI) and the US Customary System (USCS). The Civil PE exam is 8 hours long and it's divided into two sessions (4-hours of the morning and 4-hours at afternoon).

These practice review problems that give you to help the real exam sense of each problem with detail answer. It is the complete practice reference available for a Civil Engineering PE Exam. This practice can help Civil Engineers develop more improvement for challenging questions, wisely time spending decision and courage during real PE exam. Also, this exercise can help provide the PE exam able-bodied and efficiently. I guarantee if you practice these problems you can pass the PE exam without difficulty. For your review and information, I have provided five area free study materials web link at below.

PE Certification Exam Preparation:

1. Exam preparations required dedication and at least 3-months continuing study with minimum 3-hours a day.

2. You have collected good reference books or materials, reference materials you can get from the web site. Keep in mind over study sometime make strain, Please calm and maintain your discipline.

3. Bringing textbooks or study materials on the exam won't help you unless practices and important chapter has to be marked with Post-it note, during the exam it will be more useful and less time consuming.

4. One week before the test, you have to do at least three mock test, 40-questions for 4 hours at your home with a closed door.

5. After a mock test, find out your weaknesses area and work on it. Mock test makes you better confidence for real exam.

6. Before the night of exam, accumulate all your exam materials, including pencil, calculator and get a good night's sleep.

7. On the exam, you can take 8-10 minutes time read through the various questions and find a number of easier questions that you might be answered first than modest to tough and rest of the questions you just guess.

I hope it might help you for PE exam preparation.


Abul K. Howlader, PE, MsCE, ASCE

Following download link with MS Word for Free Review Materials:

1. Construction 2. Geotechnical 3. Structural 4. Transportation 5. Water Resources and Environmental

Follow on:
Morning Session: Updated to 2015 exam design Standards-New Version

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Breadth Exam (Morning Session): These practice exams are contains 120 mixed questions and answers of five areas of civil engineering. The five areas covered in the civil exam are construction, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources and environmental.


PE Civil Breadth Exam (Morning Session): Free sample download.

PE Civil Exam E-Book 120-Mix Questions and Answers (PDF Format) For Breath Exam (Morning Session), Price:$50.00

Afternoon Session: Updated to 2015 exam design Standards-New Version

Note: After payment, please click on the downloadable link. If you have difficulties for download, please call: 678-622-5659.

Depth Exam (Afternoon Session)-Geotechnical: This practice exam contains 80 questions and answers: Free sample download.

PE Civil Exam E-book 80-Geotechnical Questions and Answers (PDF Format) For Depth Exam (Evening Session), Price:$50.00



Free Download Geotechnical Formula (13 pages)

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